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ENGR231 Spring 231 Syllabus

It is your responsibility to go over these policies

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Unformatted text preview: made at least one week in advance of the exam/quiz date, or because of documented emergencies. A valid excuse must be presented to an instructor. 2. The policies for the lab portion have been posted online in the Lab folder on Bb Vista. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO GO OVER THESE POLICIES AND BE FAMILIAR WITH THEM BEFORE YOUR FIRST LAB/RECITATION SECTION! 4. Every lab, except for the first, will consist of a prelab assignment and an in ­class assignment. The prelab assignment is to be submitted electronically through the Bb Vista site. 3. Several problems will be posted on the web site prior to recitation. During the recitation portion students will be selected to present solution to these problem at the board. These presentations will be graded and these grades will determine the class performance part of the final grade. (5) Homework assignments will be due on Wednesdays b...
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