U si ng ener gy consi der ati ons cal cul ate the

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Unformatted text preview: . U si ng ener gy consi der ati ons, cal cul ate the aver age f or ce the beam exer ts on the pi l e dr i ver whi l e the pi l e dr i ver i s br ought to r est. 644000 magni tude Make sur e you ar e al so cor r ectl y accounti ng f or the change i n gr avi tati onal potenti al ener gy when the beam i s pushed the extr a di stance i nto the gr ound. N di r ecti on ---Select--- www.we ba ssign.ne t/we b/Stude nt/Assignme nt- Re sponse s/submit? de p= 5935421 1/4 6/3/13 HW 9 3. –/1 points S e rCP 9 5.P .024. Two bl ocks ar e connected by a l i ght str i ng that passes over two f r i cti onl ess pul l eys as i n the f i gur e bel ow. The bl ock of mass m2 i s attached to a spr i ng of f or ce constant k and m1 > m2. If the system i s r el eased f r om r est, and the spr i ng i s i ni ti al l y not str etched or compr essed, f i nd an expr essi on f or the maxi mum di spl acement d of m2. (U se any var i abl e or symbol stated above al ong wi th the f ol l owi ng as necessar y: g.) d = 4. –/1 points S...
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