3points s e rcp 93p 006 an ai r pl ane f l i es 200 km

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Unformatted text preview: ect--- 2. –/3 points S e rCP 9 3.P .006. An ai r pl ane f l i es 200 km due west f r om ci ty A to ci ty B and then 285 km i n the di r ecti on of 28.0° nor th of west f r om ci ty B to ci ty C. (a) In str ai ght­l i ne di stance, how f ar i s ci ty C f r om ci ty A? km (b) Rel ati ve to ci ty A, i n what di r ecti on i s ci ty C? ° nor th of west (c) Why i s the answer onl y appr oxi matel y cor r ect? Thi s answer has not been gr aded yet. www.we ba ssign.ne t/we b/Stude nt/Assignme nt- Re sponse s/la...
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