De p 5897726 13 52213 hw 4 3 2points s e rcp 93p

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Unformatted text preview: st? de p= 5897726 1/3 5/22/13 HW 4 3. –/2 points S e rCP 9 3.P .009. A man i n a maze makes thr ee consecuti ve di spl acements. Hi s f i r st di spl acement i s 8.90 m westwar d, and the second i s 11.0 m nor thwar d. At the end of hi s thi r d di spl acement he i s back to wher e he star ted. U se the gr aphi cal method to f i nd the magni tude and di r ecti on of hi s thi r d di spl acement. magni tude m di r ecti on ° south of east 4. –/2 points S e rCP 9 3.P .021.WI . A novi ce gol f er on the gr een takes thr ee str okes to si nk the bal l . The success...
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