Gener al l y an accel er ati on l ess than 800 ms2 l

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Unformatted text preview: ati on l ess than 800 m/s2 l asti ng f or any l ength of ti me wi l l not cause i njur y, wher eas an accel er ati on gr eater than 1000 m/s2 l asti ng f or at l east 1 ms wi l l cause i njur y. Suppose a smal l chi l d r ol l s of f a bed that i s 0.39 m above the f l oor . If the f l oor i s har dwood, the chi l d's head i s br ought to r est i n appr oxi matel y 2.2 mm. If the f l oor i s car peted, thi s stoppi ng di stance i s i ncr eased to about 1.0 cm. Cal cul ate the magni tude and dur ati on of the decel er ati on i n both cases, to deter mi ne the r i sk of i njur y. Assume the chi l d r emai ns hor i zon...
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