S c how l ong does the bal l take to hi t the gr ound

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Unformatted text preview: ow l ong does the bal l take to hi t the gr ound af ter i t r eaches i ts hi ghest poi nt? s (d) What i s i ts vel oci ty when i t r etur ns to the l evel f r om whi ch i t star ted? m /s 6. –/1 points S e rCP 9 2.P .046. A bal l i s thr own di r ectl y downwar d wi th an i ni ti al speed of 7.50 m/s, f r om a hei ght of 29.6 m. Af ter what ti me i nter val does i t str i ke the gr ound? s www.we ba ssign.ne t/we b/Stude nt/Assignme nt- Re sponse s/la st? de p= 5894625 3/4 5/22/13 HW 3 7. –/4 points S e rCP 9 2.P .049. Tr aumati c br ai n i njur y such as concussi on r esul ts when the head under goes a ver y l ar ge accel er ati on. Gener al l y, an accel er...
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