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Unformatted text preview: uni f or m speed.) s 2. –/2 points S e rCP 9 2.P .003.soln. A per son tr avel s by car f r om one ci ty to another wi th di f f er ent constant speeds between pai r s of ci ti es. She dr i ves f or 35.0 mi n at 50.0 km/h, 15.0 mi n at 55.0 km/h, and 35.0 mi n at 60.0 km/h and spends 30.0 mi n eati ng l unch and buyi ng gas. (a) Deter mi ne the aver age speed f or the tr i p. k m /h (b) Deter mi ne the di stance between the i ni ti al and f i nal ci ti es al ong the r oute. km 3. –/5 points S e rCP...
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