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Unformatted text preview: cor ds thi s event. If the bal l i s i n contact wi th the wal l f or 3.35 ms, what i s the magni tude of the aver age accel er ati on of the bal l dur i ng thi s ti me i nter val ? m /s 2 www.we ba ssign.ne t/we b/Stude nt/Assignme nt- Re sponse s/la st? de p= 5883771 3/6 5/22/13 HW 2 6. –/1 points S e rCP 9 2.P .023.WI . A cer tai n car i s capabl e of accel er ati ng at a r ate of 0.54 m/s2. How l ong does i t take f or thi s car to go f r om a speed of 26 mi /h to a speed of 36 mi /h? s 7. –/2 points S e rCP 9 2.CQ .007. (a) Can the...
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