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Unformatted text preview: 771 2/6 5/22/13 HW 2 4. –/3 points S e rCP 9 2.P .020. A par ti cl e star ts f r om r est and accel er ates as shown i n the f i gur e bel ow. (a) Deter mi ne the par ti cl e's speed at t = 10.0 s and at t = 20.0 s. t = 10.0 s m /s t = 20.0 s m /s (b) Deter mi ne the di stance tr avel ed i n the f i r st 20.0 s. (Enter your answer to one deci mal pl ace.) m 5. –/1 points S e rCP 9 2.P .021. A 53.0­g Super Bal l tr avel i ng at 28.5 m/s bounces of f a br i ck wal l and r ebounds at 19.0 m/s. A hi gh­speed camer a r e...
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