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Unformatted text preview: i nstantaneous vel oci ty of an object at an i nstant of ti me ever be gr eater i n magni tude than the aver age vel oci ty over a ti me i nter val contai ni ng that i nstant? Ye s N o (b) Can i t ever be l ess? Ye s N o 8. –/3 points S e rCP 9 2.Q Q .001. The f i gur e bel ow shows the unusual path of a conf used f ootbal l pl ayer . Af ter r ecei vi ng a ki ckof f at hi s own goal , he r uns downf i el d to wi thi n i nches of a touchdown, then r ever ses di r ecti on and r aces back unti l he's tackl ed at the exact l ocati on wher e he f i r st caught the bal l . www.we ba ssign.ne t/we b/Stude nt/Assignme nt- Re sponse s/la st? de p= 58837...
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