After last semester leslis passion for learning music

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Unformatted text preview: wo annual shows during the fall and spring and various performances throughout the year, especially during Christmas time. The memories shared there will be unforgettable and the friendships made during Vivace would be some of the best. This is what inspired Lesli to want to take up some kind of music in college. But not before long when she discovered that studying music wasn’t all fun and games, especially in the college setting. After last semester Lesli’s passion for learning music took a dip. She changed her minor and decided that just because the music is on hold doesn’t mean it would be out of her life completely. “I want to record my own songs and write more music and see where it takes me, but it is more of a hobby than a career goal.” Regardless of what your passion is, doesn’t always mean it fits into your real life plans. Yes, Lesli wants to pursue her music career, but if by doing so makes her fall out of love with the thing she loves most, is it worth it? Pushing y...
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