Back in her home town el salvador where she has lived

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Unformatted text preview: st Professional athlete Professional dancer/singer/performer Actor/actress Fast Write 3-6-13 1.When I think of ________ I think of ________. 2.The one word I would use to describe __________ would be _______. 3.The one thing most people fail to notice about _______ is __________. 1. The one thing most people fail to notice about Camila is that she is a small business owner. Upon meeting cami at TCU, I had no idea that she was the designer of her own dream. Back in her home town, El Salvador, where she has lived for the past 18 years, Cami made her dreams come true. She started her own company designing and selling costume bathing suits to fit all kinds of people. She has her own running website and continues to accomplish all her dreams and goals, while being a full time student at TCU. 1. When I think of Lesli, I think of music. As I was doing my laundry one day I stumbled upon Lesli, working at the piano with a pen and paper in hand. I walked over and asked if she wrote music. She replied, “oh no, I am just d...
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