For example there were extra spaces between

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Unformatted text preview: realized that if I rearranged a couple of paragraphs the paper would improve the flow and sound better. Hopefully I am right. Other than that most of my errors were grammatical. For example, there were extra spaces between punctuation marks. I found a couple of sentences I had to reword because aloud they made no sense. I also crossed out a few run on sentences or ones that were redundant and just used as fillers. I also have to clean up some of the quotation errors to make it MLA. And the last thing was to get those last minute pictures in to tie in the story. I regret not doing it earlier. I wish I had better pictures to let Lesli’s true art shine. It would be cool if I could attach a recording of her performing. Maybe next time? We will see. McQueen 7 Tara McQueen March 26, 2013 Dirickson English 10803 Key to Happiness Her hands hover over the keys for a split second, she glances over to me with wide eyes, sighs, then draws her hands up to her brown hair and throws in back in to a hair tie. She looks at me waiting for the cue and...
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