Lesli has a clear vision of her future she is not

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Unformatted text preview: o be someone else and it will always be a motivation to improve yourself. If you reach your goal to soon, what do you have to look for? Finding happiness is an ongoing process. Even if that means postponing unrealistic dreams in order to pursue life that way you feel is best for your future. Lesli has a clear vision of her future. She is not afraid of losing music in the future. She knows how much she has learned and grown in the past and putting it off temporarily won’t just kill any dream of hers. “I can’t express myself under stress. How can I use music as an outlet; a way to release stress and let go if I am constantly stressing out about it,” she says. “I am confident in my future and no one can take that away from me. Just like happiness, I can’t depend on anyone else but myself to reach it; and when I become happy I know I have become successful.” This attitude towards life is refreshing and incredibly different from most, but that is what makes Lesli an inspiration. We all c...
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