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McQueen 1 Tara McQueen April 2, 2013 Dirickson English 10803 Key to Happiness Her hands hover over the keys for a split second, she glances over to me with wide eyes, sighs, then draws her hands up to her brown hair and throws it back in to a hair tie. She looks at me waiting for the cue and I nod towards the piano urging her to continue. Lesli Adkins, a 19 year-old freshman at TCU reveals her craving for music by zoning out the outside world and focusing on the piano. Lesli’s passion for music started at such a young age with inspiration from none other than the Beatles. “My aunt took me to see the Yellow Submarine when I was 4 years old. The day after she had to buy me the soundtrack because I liked it so much. The music made me happy,” Lesli explains. According to Webster’s Dictionary, “happiness” is a state of well-being and contentment; a pleasurable or satisfying experience. “Happiness is having the freedom to do what I want and what I think is right with the people I love and the places I want to be,” Lesli says. Most say happiness is the key to success, but what is neglected is the process of reaching happiness. Lesli has a clear vision of what brings her to that happy place. Regardless of her path, music will always be there for her as an outlet. And that outlet serves as a passageway to bliss; through stress, heartbreak, or whatever it may be. As a young musician, Lesli has taught her self not only how to play the piano, but also to write melodies and lyrics. She has been writing poems and lyrics since sixth grade. After hearing
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McQueen 2 “Gravity,” by Sara Bareilles, Lesli was inspired to let her voice spill out on paper. It was the first time she decided she wanted to write. She had taken piano for a couple years in elementary school but nothing major. It wasn’t until her freshman year when she had decided to match some of her lyrics to melodies. “I just sat down at the piano one day when no one was home and started messing around and that’s the day I wrote my first song.” Although shy at first, Lesli was able to play a couple of songs she wrote over the past couple years. Humble enough to believe that her work was amateur it took some time in courage for her to be able to reveal her own work. The next time I saw Lesli with her pen and paper I knew she was about to get to work. So I asked what she was writing about. She told me that most of her inspiration comes from heartbreak. “My lyrics are my diary and it is easier to write when you are sad or mad than it is when you are happy. After a bad day, music allows me to express my bitterness and then I am in a better mood.” I met Lesli recently as I found out we live in the same dorm building. One day I was doing laundry and I found her sitting at the piano jamming out to some song. I sat at a table near the piano and let her play for a while before she turned around and apologized and offered me the piano. I shook my head and laughed. I told her to keep playing and she took her hands out of
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