Sarah meader her voice coach encouraged lesli to join

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Unformatted text preview: l High School in Dallas. “Vivace was fun, exciting, and happy, not stressful and demanding.” Sarah Meader, her voice coach, encouraged Lesli to join Vivace. “I taught Lesli in eighth grade and helped her become more confident as I watched her grow through the years musically and as a person,” said Sarah Meader. Lesli was always too shy to perform in front of others, but this gave her the courage to take a step up. All four years she performed on stage singing renditions of some of her favorite music in her varsity show choir with some of her closest friends. They would perform in two annual shows during the fall and spring and various performances throughout the year, especially during Christmas time. The memories shared there will be unforgettable and the friendships made during Vivace would be some of the best. This is what McQueen 4 inspired Lesli to want to take up some kind of music in college. But not before long when she discovered that studying music wasn’t all fun and g...
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