She looks at me waiting for the cue and i nod towards

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Unformatted text preview: escription: Petite, brunette, tan, big eyed, slightly hunched posture- just enough to be relaxed, Anecdotes: Vivace, writing with Chi Chi, Sara Barellis, Church Title: Music and Lyrics, Turning Tables, What’s the Key?, Hearing Humility Pictures: Her at the piano in the basement, her at the piano at home? Her hands hover over the keys for a split second, she glances over to me with wide eyes, sighs, then draws her hands up to her brown hair and throws in back in to a hair tie. She looks at me waiting for the cue and I nod towards the piano urging her to continue. Lesli Adkins, a 19 yearold Freshman at TCU reveals her passion for music zoning out the outside world and focusing on the piano. As a young musician, Lesli has taught her self not only how to play the piano, but also to write melodies and lyrics. Although shy at first, Lesli was able to play a couple of songs she McQueen 19 wrote over the past couple years. Humble enough to believe that her work was amateur it took some time in courag...
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