So i asked what she was writing mcqueen 9 about she

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Unformatted text preview: me the whole story. Then played me some other songs she had written in years previous. I clapped and we talked about them for a long time. The next time I saw Lesli with her pen and paper I knew she was about to get to work. So I asked what she was writing McQueen 9 about. She told me that most of her inspiration comes from heartbreak. “My lyrics are my diary and it is easier to write when you are sad or mad than it is when you are happy. After a bad day, music allows me to express my bitterness and then I am in a better mood.” I sat down next to her and asked “Where did you learn how to sing like that?” She replied, “Definitely not from my family…they are all musically challenged.” That’s is wear the story unveils. Lesli had been planning on minoring in music, but after a stressful semester of taking an ear training class, she realized that wasn’t her route, even though music was her passion. She didn’t want to ruin her love for music by stressing out about it everyday. “I never wanted to see a piano again,” she said after exp...
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