Thats when i asked her what that ear training class

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Unformatted text preview: oing this for my stupid ear training class.” I had McQueen 18 no idea what that was so I just figured it was some silly class and I walked back up to my room. A week or so later, I was standing in the elevator and I heard a melody, so I stopped in the basement yet again to find Lesli sitting at the piano playing Adele. This time I stopped and said…. So you can play music. And she smiled and nodded as I sat and listened to her play her 3 favorite adele songs. That’s when I asked her what that ear training class was. She explained it and I realized that Lesli wanted to pursue music, she was not only a gifted pianist, but mostly a talented singer. I made it a goal to come out and here Lesli sing one day. After winter break one night I made the 2am trek down stairs with my laundry to find Lesli there signing one of her own songs. I let her play and pretended I wasn’t there until she was finished. I asked her who it was about and she told me the whole story. Then played me some other songs she had written in years previous. I clapped and we talked ab...
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