0 ohm to 47 ohm cf ge a28f5601 01mfd1000 volts r1 1k

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Unformatted text preview: 2,...Z8 : 18V, 400 mW Zener dio des. 10 . RG1,RG2,RG 3,RG4 : 3.3 Oh ms, ¼ w, 1% Metal F ilm resisto rs. 11. R5 ,R6 ,R7 ,R8 : 10K, ¼ w, 5% Fig. (11) Tran sfo rmer coupled Gate Drive ar rang ement for "H" Bridge in a Phase Shift PW M Co ntr oller at fixed Switching frequen cy. P hase S hift Re sonant Co ntro ller IC U1 A 1 CF T2 GND1 +5.0 V ISOLATED DC TO DC CONVERTER GND1 T2 2 3 T3 15 14 Vcc1 GND1 4 T6 RESET 5 T4 T5 Dynamic Brake T7 RESET FAULT 6 + 7 VLED1 OVERTEMP -8 VLED1 13 12 R5 RD 11 FAULT U1 10 U6 9 +15V VE COM -5V + VLED2+ + C1 C2 DESAT IXDD414PI U2 Vcc2 Vc ENABLE Vin 16 HCPL-316J I/P 1 Vcc O/P TMS32 0F2 40 7A Vin+ T1 SineWave PWM Signals for 3-Phase Inverter GROU ND +5.0 V +5.0V VOUT VEE R6 VEE -5V GND1 IXYS's (CBI) CONVERTER BRAKE INVERTER MODULE LF 22 R4 T1 1 D12 D13 2 D14 D15 D15 CF 3 T5 7 D3 17 15 20 19 D2 C3 R8 R13 T2 R9 U4 8 R2 9 Z1 D6 13 T4 R3 T6 C4 - N T C D4 12 11 24 SHUNT R7 D5 18 16 D16 23 R12 T3 D1 14 GND1 U3 Dd + 21 D11 - R1 Rg +5V R10 + - R11 U5 FAULT + P1 Fig. (12) 3-Phase AC Motor drive schematic showing how IXYS CBI (Converter-Brake-Inverter) Module can be driven by IXDD414 using opto-couplers. All protection features are incorporated. IXAN0009 IXAN0009 W V U FW FV FU D1 2 1 GND1 D14 2 D13 D 16 3 D 15 LF 23 24 H CPL3 16J IXDD 414 - 5V + 5V Rg DYN AM IC BRAKE REGIST OR D C t o DC + 15V SH UNT T7 R F + CF 22 14 7 T7 T2 R F T1 R F +15 V +15 V HCP L316J IXD D41 4 DC to D C T1 T2 D ESAT -5V R g D ESAT -5V R g +5V HCP L316J IXD D41 4 DC to D C +5V T3 RD 10 11 T4 T2 RD 15 16 T1 6 T6 T4 R F Dd T3 R F Dd T7 + 15V R F H CPL31 6J IXDD 414 D C to DC RD 12 T4 RD 17 18 T3 OVER TEMP DESAT - 5V Rg DESAT - 5V Rg + 5V H CPL31 6J IXDD 414 D C to DC TMS320F2407A DSP CHIP T5 D2 D1 + 15V + 5V 5 D4 D3 +15V + 5V T6 R F Dd T5 R F Dd +15V HC PL316J IXD D414 DC to DC D ESAT -5V R g D ESAT -5V R g +5V HC PL316J IXD D414 DC to DC +5V F IG(13) IX YS CONV ERT ER, BRA KE INVE RTER (CB I) MODULE BE ING D RIVEN B Y IXDD414 WITH OPTO-COUP LE R AND DE SAT, OVE RT EMP A ND SHORT C...
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