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6 06 264 dx430 ixft14n100 1000 14 075 220 11 9 017

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Unformatted text preview: 8 7 IC2 6 4 C D1 G RG 5 ZD1 ZD2 Rp CS Q RS E C1,C3 : 22 MFD, 25VDC Tantalum capacitors C2 : 2200 MFD, 35VDC Electrolytic capacitors T1 : 220 VAC to 15-0-15 VAC, 15VA control transformer or 110VAC TO 15-0-15 VAC, 15 VA Control Transformer. Q : IXLF19N250A IC1 : 7815 Regulator +15VDC IC2 : IXDN409 or IXDN414 IC1 D1 : IN5817 + C2 D2,D3 : IN4002 C3 ZD1,ZD2 : 18V, 400MW ZENERS RG1 : 3.3 ohms to 27 ohms depending on Turn-ON speed Rp : 2K2, ¼ W, 5% Cs, Rs : Snubber network to reduce IGBT switching losses. Value depends upon fsw. Suggest: Cs=0.1 MFD, Rs=10 to 33 ohms R1 : 10K, ¼ w D2 C.T. T1 R1 1 2 D3 Fig. (1) Circuit schematic showing how to use IXDN409 or IXDN414 to drive an IGBT Vcc : 3V to 25VDC 1 I/P 2 3 4 R5 U5 U4 I X D D 4 1 4 Ld=10mH 8 + C9 7 6 5 R6 R9 2 U2 U5 C3 1 1 7815 + C1+ C2 D2 Rs=0.005 Ohm +15V R4 D1 MOSFET MODULE VMO580-02F Q1 U2 T1 Rd=0.1 Ohm R7 U5 C7 M A I N S VDC 2 3 + C2 +15V TO ALL ICs LM-317 2 + U3 - 5 C4 Ls=20nH (Representing stray inductance) 4 3 R2 R3 Z1 P2 R1 P1 Fig. (2). Evaluation circuit to test IXDD408 and IXDD414 for soft turn off. IXAN0009 Fig. (3) Photographic +ve and - ve and component layout with silk sceen diagram for Circuit of Fig.(2). Bill of Materials for Fig.(2) Resistors : Capacitors: Diodes: ICs: R1: R2: R3: R4: R5: R6: R7: R8: C1: 1000µF;35VWDC C2: 22µ F, 63 VWDC C3: 1pF, silver dipped mica C4: 100pF silver dipped mica C5: 0.1µF, 35WDC Tantalum C6: 0.1µF, 35VWDC Tantalum C7: 1pF silver dipped mica C8: 0.1µF, 35VWDC Tantalum C9: 0.1µF, 35VWDC Tantalum C10: 0.1µF, 35VWDC Tantalum D1: 1N4002 or BA 159 D2: 1N4002 or BA 159 U1: IXDD408PI or IXDD414PI U2: CD4001 U3: LM339 U4: CD4011 U5: CD4049 U6: IXDD408YI or IXDD414YI Note: Either use U1 or U6, but not both. 240 560 10K 5K 1Meg 1K5 Rg-T.B.D. 1Meg Trimmers: P1: 5K, 3006P Bourns or Spectrol P2: 1K, 3006P Bourns or Spectrol Zener Diodes : 1. Z1: 1N821 Voltage Regulators: 1. 7815 2. LM317T Transistors : 1. Q1: 2N7000 IXAN0009 Fig.(4) A circuit schematic showing how to drive upper and lower MOSFETs in a phase leg topology using a Low and High side d...
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