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Unformatted text preview: through opto-couplers. 5.Large duty cycle range of pulse width is possible. 6.High overall efficiency of gate drive is possible. 7.Overload and short circuit protection can be easily implemented using either DESAT concept or current sense method. This is explained in section 4.2.2, using Fig. (12) and Fig. (13). 7. MATRIX CONVERTERS Matrix converters afford great ease and convenience in AC-AC conversion, without the need for bulky energy storage components required in AC-DC-AC conversion. In addition, they allow regenerative energy to be fed back to Mains and feature sinusoidal input and output currents and controllable input current displacement factor. A basic 3 phase to 3 phase matrix converter uses nine bi-directional switches as shown in Fig (17). Several different configurations of achieving bi-directional switches using IGBTs and FREDs are shown in Fig.(15) and Fig.(16). Each IGBT used in these bi-directional switches will require isolated gate drive and it is here that the real value and convenience of a gate drive transformer can be appreciated. It is difficult to imagine, use of opto-couplers, chiefly because of the need for isolated power supply. Tiny gate drive transformers come really handy in this application, with all its attendant advantages as listed above. 8. CONCLUSION With proliferating applications of modern power electronics worldwide, faster, more efficient and more compact MOSFETs and IGBTs are replacing older solid state and mechanical devices. The design of newer and more efficient techniques to turn these solid state devices on and off is a subject that requires thorough study and understanding of the internal structure and dynamic processes involved in the working of MOSFET/IGBTs. Main emphasis in modern Power Electronics is to reduce total losses dissipated in devices and subsystems for higher operating efficiency and achieving more compact designs, reducing volume and weight of resultant systems. Thus, operation at higher and higher switching frequencies is now a necessity, and as a result, switc...
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