Notes 1 all f fau lt signals are tied together being

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Unformatted text preview: 0 8 Vcc D2 Z1 C2 D2 Z1 C2 T2 H. V. AC INPUT C1 H. V. AC INPUT E1 T1 T1 G1 G1 E1,E2 C1 C2 T2 R5 G2 E2 V H. V. AC INPUT R6 1 I/P t V T2 G2 +15VDC A 2 250KHz > fsw > 10KHz I/P 3 B 4 C2 H. V. AC INPUT 8 I X D D 4 0 4 P I T1 G1 7 C1 Z3 6 C1 R1 + H. V. AC INPUT E2 T1 R3 Z4 G2 G1 5 E1 t T2 E1 T2 R1,R2,R3,R4: 2K2,1/4w,5% R5,R6:10K,1/4w,5% C1:47MFD,35WVDC Tantalum Capacitor T1,T2: Coilcraft Gate Drive Xformer SD250-1 or Vanguard P/N:GD203 Z1,Z2,Z3,Z4: 18V,400mw Zener Diodes H. V. AC INPUT G2 C2 Z1 R2 R4 Z2 T1 H. V. AC INPUT H. V. AC INPUT E2 E1 G1 Fig (15) A Simple scheme to drive Bi-directional switches, using gate drive transformers to ensure galvanic isolation. H. V. AC INPUT Vcc +5V U1 R1 U3 + 1 A DATA INPUT TTL or LSTTL 8 2 C1 7 2 3 3 4 4 5 8 I X D N 4 0 9 P I R3 6 H. V. AC INPUT E1 1 C2 - C1 T1 T1 G1 7 R G1 G1 G1 6 C1 C2 Z1 R5 5 E1,E2 T2 T2 G2 Z2 G2 +15VDC INPUT Isolated DC to DC Converter + OUT - + OUT - E1 E2 C3 H. V. AC INPUT C2 H. V. AC INPUT C4 -5VDC C1 Vcc U2 U4 + DATA INPUT C1 LSTTL or TTL 8 2 B 1 7 R2 6 - C2 R4 2 3 3 4 5 4 INPUT OUT + + OUT E2 T1 8 G1 G2 7 R G2 6 5 G2 R6 Z3 T2 E1 H. V. AC INPUT C2 Z4 +15VDC Isolated DC to DC Converter I X D N 4 0 9 P I H. V. AC INPUT - C3 C4 -5VDC E2 U1,U2: HCPL2201 opto-coupler C1: 100Pf ceramic R1,R2: 1K,1/4W,5% C2: 10MFD,35vdc Tantalum C3,C4: 47MFD,35VDC Tantalum R3,R4: 10K,1/4W,5% RG1,RG2: 1 ohm to 10 ohm depending on IGBT & risetime desired Z1,Z2,Z3,Z4: 18V,400mw zener diodes R5,R6: 2K2,2W,5% H. V. AC INPUT T1 H. V. AC INPUT E1 G1 Fig.(16) A Scheme of driving Bi-directional switches with built-in galvanic isolation, using opto-couplers. IXAN0009 V V Rg on Rg on + +15V Cg s Rg off +15V Rg off Cg s t t TURN-ON PULSE TURN-OFF PULSE Rg on V Rg on V Rg off +15V i on + i off Rg off Cg s +15V Rsc O/L Sensing t Cg s Rsc O/L t TURN-OFF PULSE TURN-ON PULSE Fig.(17) Basic circuit showing use of pulse transformer to give isolation for upper MOSFET/IGBT in a phase leg configuration R LF S7 S4 S1 C F C F S LF S8 S5 S2 C F T LF S6 S9 S3 3 phase LOAD Fig.(18) Basic 3 Phase to 3 Phase matrix converter employing nine Bi-directional switches IXAN0009...
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