T1 represents both these transformers housed in one

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Unformatted text preview: sformer for receiving fault and status signals from IXBD4411. T1 represents both these transformers housed in one IC type package. To avoid saturation, capacitors are placed in series with each primary winding to which PWM pulse train is transmitted. 1200 Volts of isolation barrier is built in. Note the use of high voltage fast diode with required voltage rating to feed Vcc to upper driver. Higher current MOSFET/IGBTs require higher drive currents, especially for operating them at high switching frequencies. For these applications, one can use IXD_408 or IXD_414, either in stand-alone mode or in conjunction with IXBD4410 and IXBD4411. It is easy to realize now that one can easily get all the facilities of feature-rich IXBD4410 and IXBD4411 and when higher drive current capability is called for, use them in conjunction with IXD_408 or IXD_409 or IXD_414. In case of a lowside MOSFET/IGBT, it is simple to use IXD_408 or IXD_414 alone. One such example is given in Fig. (7). For driving upper MOSFET/IGBT of a phase leg, one of the approaches is to employ a charge pump. Two such application circuit schematics are shown in Fig. (7) and Fig. (8). In Fig. (7) output from IXBD4410/4411 is boosted up to ± 8 Amps using IXD_408 and the charge pump output is boosted to 350 mA, using one driver of IXD_404 for driving IXFK48N50 (rated at Id=48 Amps and Vd = 500 Volts). In Fig. (8), the output from IXBD4410/4411 is boosted up to ±14 Amps by IXD_414 to drive a Size 9 MOSFET IXFN80N50 (rated at Id = 80 Amps and Vd = 500 Volts). IXD_404 can still adequately provide 500 mA for the charge pump circuit. 4.2 GENERAL REMARKS ABOUT MOSFET/IGBT IC DRIVERS The most important strength of MOSFET/IGBT IC Drivers should be their ability to provide high currents needed to adequately drive today’s and tomorrow’s large size MOSFETs and IGBTs. Another important feature is that there should be no cross conduction in the output stage of the driver IC, thus saving transition power dissipation. In addition, all these Drivers in...
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