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Unformatted text preview: Ö ä Uaz Qƒ tad’ S vYS‚Sa Sd Q vÚ Ö Ô —Y S U ƒYSY’ Idg ƒ g U g yÚ Ö Ý U Ñ | ¥ g e S d I ’Q f d S W  — Y tƒ g yQ ’ g à t g IQ a ” g ¦`b9R&u9es29Xu0„T†0b V| †–ub„†–I f t t d S IgSY’ƒ Q Q ” ”e ƒdSd I — I tg’gS fa Q Q f g U Q Qy WSd f vY — Ñ 0rgwUðwWXsv—Q `TYRQ–t†`V`0"9rdTU`TebҐ6RYæU69uY9e6×`CY&–W9RdRt0††søsufbTSh'bRqiut‰RtTUb•„6dÿA{‘ey Ð normalized frequency -0.4 0 0.1 0.2 0.3 0.4 0.5 0.6 0.7 0.8 0.9 1 0.7 0.8 0.9 1 -0.3 -0.2 -0.1 0 Phase response normalized frequency 2 0 0.1 0.2 0.3 0.4 0.5 0.6 2.5 3 3.5 4 Magnitude response âх é ¤ TtQce9ˆdRƒ6ddf utð~“29rd„9†uܖQ`båbRqi†b6ˆdb9Rd'9ƒRtTUbbTSkcAsRqƒTt–gb`DRz0RgåRg6eb‰9Tg9èƒ "–’t Ñy U Q d ƒ USY IYq g U ‡tS Q I —Y QSa Q S vY t Q tSY t I tdqz ‡ d Ñ i9bS I9Ð †buSTQƒrþ`&TtQ¥Rgb`DRz0RgsbravUb`9hf Rg9€ib9Rd`åbrq`kb6d ¡uY0„R‚`yv  UY dg d SY tSY t I g QSed UY Œ … qz Ie g U SY S v ƒg y IY I Y v Ú Ö ˜ ñ ‡ é t Y ’ Û Ú Ö ä U a³ z Q S d U f t g U — Y U a U a § b9Þa `W¡¡bÐY q ©ëÐ ©…DãØ2£¢Ñ`9é è •9‰Ø ¦èÐ `0P‡ DãØ2€sbbTSo9rRYs†Rg–U–Wt brqP9ƒsbrzð`Y ·ž9©Ÿ§ ¬ g U Ñ ƒ Ud Q I z g Qe f v ƒg y tSY t I tdqz Sd g QSed f g U Sg Q õ Ñ 9¡RŸ·ž§ brq•sWT0rg6hufð~"RYbzs9d Ð `v`$i¡uY0„hRgb9„–z†RgdRg9esÿb9bsraTUs`9hdbRqx†9T&•`d Ð Ñ ’dg U QY F Ud Id Ð ž ¥ Î ÍÌ Í ý …“q9†XrtVuS`Dz à i6{rtwU9ez | ƒ£xÏs•†§£ ebË rž£ þkü É «Ç2…“mÄ È Æ ÅB4 ‚ C$ § § § SQ IHFE WTW¨WA£U 9 Q ©¡T§ abY`WXAVU8£Q ©¡T§ Q ©¡¨§ 0RP¨GD% D¨$ 9$ 78¡B20(% @¨$ 5A 1 )' $ 7 53 1 )' % 86420(& ¨$ tSd f fY’ y Ud " g I U —Y g’Sga” t e Q v ƒ — g U Wy g’a Iz Ua UaY g U I w Ñ ³ bb6d`†r9udrƒ6•#0RgbRq26†b0b„†–gbuSc¡TYuƒ`CY&bRqÕV•0†bbRYs€ðbrzs9msrqƒrgvURQxpe Ð …  bTSQ ê  Ú ! yF  ˜  ‡  ˜  à  ­FÖ 'Ñ Ð ¡¨§ ñ Û  ©§  Rg`Dbb...
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