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Robert Collins Experiment 4 November 5, 2007 Discussion The first part of this lab gave us a feel for how hydrochloric acid and calcium reacts with other elements, zinc and water. The zinc and HCl reacted most vigorously and produced some gas which let us know the reactivity of HCl was going to be the most active. The calcium didn’t ever let off any hydrogen gas but let off some heat with HCl, so we knew what to look for in the second part. It was a preview of what was to come when we reacted CaOH with HCl. In the second part, we measured the compounds much more precisely and used our measurements
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Unformatted text preview: to produce a chemical formula of the reaction we conducted. Surprisingly, when we rounded our ratios to the nearest integer, it matched the estimated molecular formula of the balanced equation. In our two trials, we used proportionally more HCl when more calcium was initially added to the water. So overall, our experiment was a success. The error that could have affected our experiment most was any unreacted calcium in the water before we started adding HCl to it in part two. Other than that, there wasn’t any substantial error apparent in our reactions....
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