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Lecture outline for Monday, September 24, 2007 (Chem 100, section 2) Finish up discussion of Redox Reactions Ideal Gas Laws Properties of gases Force and Pressure Measuring atmospheric pressure 1 atm =760 torr = 760 mm Hg = 29.92 in Hg =101325 Pa (Pascal) = 101.325 kPa = 1.01325 bar =14.696 psi Barometers and Thermometers Boyle’s Law and Charles Law A new temperature scale - Kelvin Collected Gas Laws Charles’s Law: V = c 1 T (w/ T in Kelvin!) Boyle’s Law: PV = c 2 Amontons’s Law: P = c 3 T Avagadro’s Law: V = c 4 n (i.e. __________ at 0° C, 1 atm) Ideal Gas Law: PV = nRT A recommended web site that discusses Gas Laws (including a kinetic molecular rationale of the laws): http://www.chemistry.ohio- state.edu/betha/ Some Sample Problems Alternative units for R Grab-bag quiz on Wednesday will be
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Unformatted text preview: first 15 minutes of class, and will include questions similar to the Grab-bag problems from Chapter 4. There will be on-line homework due today, Friday and next Monday. Sep. 24 Sep. 26 Sep. 28 (Gas Law) QUIZ. (Energy) •Ideal Gas Law (5.1-5.4; pp. 177-193) •Applications of Ideal Gas Law (5.4-5.5; pp. 193-200) •Energy and Enthalpy (1.1, 6.1-6.2; pp. 2-8 and 225-234) Grab Bag: FUP 5.1-5.6; EOC 5.20, 5.24, 5.30 Grab Bag: FUP 5.7-5.12; EOC 5.48, 5.50 Grab Bag: FUP 6.1-6.2; 6.4, 6.15, 6.17, 6.19abdg, 6.24 Recitation: Using gas laws in stoichiometry problems. Lab: Come to your assigned lab section at 1:00. Bring your lab manuals and lab notebook (see syllabus) and wear closed-toe shoes (no sandals). EXPERIMENT 4 THIS WEEK (HANDOUT FROM CLASS MISTAKENLY INCLUDED TEXT FROM LAST WEEK)....
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