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Chose not to show what was going on above Col. Shaw himself, only providing the scene of the dinner at his mother’s home to show people who are more powerful and historically relevant- entire story is about shaw’s struggle to get his men recognition and the ability to fight, not what was really happening outside of what Shaw supposedly saw. The story is about the characters, not the historical events- in reality, not much was shown in the way of what was going on at the time- the only glimpses of what’s going on outside of the story are provided through the settings that the acting is done in, i.e. the town they raid and burn in the story, the staging camps that the regiment was established within, the party in the north etc. Interaction between the characters in the film was obviously set for action and drama first, with realism taking a close second. Obviously, much of the dialogue was probably tweaked a bit to make it more believable and easily associated with by the movie’s viewers. All of the black characters were
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