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Unformatted text preview: Sampling frame –U.S. adults aged 18 and over d) Sample – 1007 randomly selected adults e) Sampling method – Random selection method not specified f) Bias – Probably not biased. A large sample that was randomly selected was interviewed so it follows that the conclusions could be generalized. 1 Scenario 3. Election Poll a) Population – City voters b) Parameter – Not clearly specified; likely, the proportion of voters who think certain issues are important or favour certain issues. c) Sampling frame – All city resident voters d) Sample – Every city resident voter in one block from each district e) Sampling method – Multistage design for a combination approach. A single block chosen from each district (not clear what method used in selection) represents a cluster. The sample represents all of the residents that could be found and willing to participate. This is a convenience sample. f) Bias – Parameter(s) of interest not clearly specified. Convenience sampling within block clusters is not random and could produce biased results. 2 Question 3 – KEEN Inc. (adapted from the text: Mini Case Study Project, page 74) FREQUENCY TABLES Page # of Page Visits Percentage Hybrid Life 29621 41.9 Foundation 5890 8.3 Contact Us 21528 30.5 About Keen 8442 11.9 FAQ's 5166 7.3 Total 70647 100.0 (Note: Main Image loads on every page so it is not included in the frequency table) Retailer #of Retailer Visits Percentage Dealer Locator Page 38669 49.2 REI...
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