Comm 362 Motivation and Values

Build a bond with consumers by maintaining an ongoing

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Unformatted text preview: potential negative consequences associated with a poor choice of the product 3. probability of making a bad purchase 4. pleasure value of the product category 5. sign value of the product category Strategies to Increase Involvement 1. appeal to consumers’ hedonic needs (eg ads with sensory appeal increase attention) 2. use novel stimuli (people tune out predictability) 3. use prominent stimuli (easier to capture attention and maintain it) 4. include celebrity endorsers to generate interest 5. build a bond with consumers by maintaining an ongoing relationship with them Value – belief that some condition is preferable to its opposite Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions (for measuring value systems across cultures) - - - - - power distance individualism masculinity uncertainty avoidance long- term orientation Rokeach Value Survey – instrumental and terminal values - - instrumental (ambitious,capable, independent, imaginative) terminal (...
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