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COMM 392 Employee Involvement

latest managerial trend is to establish benchmarks

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Unformatted text preview: – training, teamwork, job rotation, tuition reimbursement – job rotation, job sharing, telecommuting, flexible work hours – casual dress days, wellness programs, staff parties – profit sharing, pay for skill, employee stock options, bonuses linked to comp. performance, performance evaluation systems What are several possible scenarios for the future direction of union- management relations in Canada? • - latest managerial trend is to establish benchmarks + measures!part of larger movement that promotes measurement of a host of indicators of firm performance, of which productivity + efficiency are subsets • - conventional benchmarks are used to monitor labour- management relationship: rate of absenteeism, worker quit rates + turnover, grievance filing rates, etc. What effect does an EI program have on productivity and satisfaction? • - direct measurable results are...
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