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COMM 392 Employee Involvement

Ei has won acceptance among leading edge firms 5 firm

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Unformatted text preview: financial crises caused by recessions, deregulation, etc. 1. reduce conflict 2. crisis in labour- management relationship (adversarial relationships)!improve relations 3. crises specific to workplace 4. EI has won acceptance among leading- edge firms 5. firm anticipate problems they are likely to face in future!be prepared Describe some examples of employee involvement plans. (refer to EXHIBIT 6.2) o special project teams o employee- management advisory committees o quality circles o unions o gender/ethnic/sex identity groups There are many types of employee involvement programs. Which do you think are the most effective and why? ▫ direct employee involvement ▫ training and enhancing experience ▫ flexible work organization ▫ low cost recognition items ▫ variable pay – self- managed teams, quality circles, sharing of info...
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