COMM 392 Employee Involvement

Management dispute resolution procedure is used in

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Unformatted text preview: (5 levels): unilateral management decision making managerial information sharing consultation decision making by consensus joint governance = management makes all decisions = management informs union of its plans + actions and union may have right to request info ▫ no role for union ▫ does not allow for any direct input into decision making, but it does provide additional resources to union to represent its interests through traditional channels = management provides info + solicits union input w/ no promise of acting on input = both sides make decisions ▫ jointly but agree to rule only by consensus ▫ = decisions are made jointly by ▫ both sides legal authority remains w/ management, but formal authority is delegated to joint forum no dispute resolution mechanism; in event of dispute that cannot be resolved, authority reverts to traditional owner (ie. management) dispute resolution procedure is used in event that two...
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