COMM 392 Employee Involvement

Requires prior relationship building unequal knowledge

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Unformatted text preview: mixed, especially in regard to productivity • - employee satisfaction increases • - improves attraction + retention Objectives of high involvement: improve productivity + quality increase employee contribution improve attitudes + relationships How do unions respond to EI programs? - many unions fear EI!weaken collective bargaining + union - introduction of EI requires drastic change in traditional labour- management relationship - impediments to introduction of EI in unionized workplaces: • ▫ history of adversarial relations between labour + management – exercise caution, if not plain mistrust, in dealing w/ other side!requires prior relationship building • ▫ unequal knowledge of + expertise in EI matters on part of labour and management - key decision for unionized firms is extent or scope of union involvement in EI initiation, implementation, + evaluation " extent of involvement in EI initiation...
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