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Unformatted text preview: hin the industry 9. Globalization: “Staff“ human resources management: - set policies and standards - advise line managers on workplace issues - ensure compliance - authority is derived from specialized knowledge - implement policies - determine who to hire - performance evaluation, exercise discipline - direction and control of employees “Line” managers: Interests & Objectives of employees/employers in the employment relationship: Employees: • Fair wage and income security • Job security • Fair promotion procedures • Reasonable work hours and benefits • Participation and control • Health and safety protections • Training and development opportunities Key employment trends affecting HRM: Employers: Cost containment – reduce benefit and wage costs Flexibility of the workforce Maximize employee productivity Maximize efficiency of operations Maintain and improve quality of product/service Attract investment Minimize third party (eg. Legislative) intervention - shift from manufacturing to service (~75% of jobs in CAN is in service) - most service sector jobs demand knowledge workers “knowledge worker” (why is this type of worker so critical to the success of businesses in Canada?) - a worker who transforms info into a product or service whose responsibilities include planning, problem solving, and decision making - many experts believe that the distinguishing characteristic of companies today and tomorrow is this growing emphasis on human capital - jobs today in all sectors demand a level of expertise far beyond that required of most workers 20 or 30 years ago, which means that human capital is quickly replacing machines as the basis for most firms’ success How can HRM practices contribute to an organizati...
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