COMM 392 Administration of the Collective Agreement

An agreement was finally reached in july 2005 that

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Unformatted text preview: couldes tablishapracticewhichis different from the terms of the agreement The implications of human rights legislation for the administration of the collective agreement - Human rights legislation affects the administration of the collective agreement and in exceptional cases might even require the employer and union to vary from its terms. - In the course of accommodating employees, the employer must examine possibilities that would allow the employee to be accommodated within the terms of the agreement. - If an employee cannot be accommodated w/o a variation from the agreement, a contract provision may have to be suspended or waived, if this would not impose an undue hardship. - Employers should consider consulting w/ the union to establish an accommodation policy and protocol. NHL Lockout Case Players Strategy#Did not believe the league had suffered a loss of $300 million in the previous season. They did not want to agree to a salary cap League Strategy#Wanted a 5% salary rollback and a salary cap for approximately 50% of league revenues Once the agreement expired, a lockout began that involved the loss of the 04- 05 season in addition to losing respect from the fans. An agreement was finally reached in July 2005 that resulted in losses for everyone. * In Lyz’ slides EE refers to employee and ER refers to employer When is a dispute allowed to go to an arbitrator? Allowed to go to arbitration only if there is a breach of a term in the collective agreement, or violation of employment legislation, otherwise, it is denied Culpable behaviour - describes actions that are blameworthy or have occurred through intentional actions of employees (w/in conscious control) - providing the employer to discipline with just cause. Ex: Absenteei...
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