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COMM 392 Key elements of a performance internview

Unclear standards 2 rater errors o halo effect o

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Unformatted text preview: was of minimizing these problems: 1) Raters being aware and familiar with rater errors 2) Training supervisors to eliminate and avoid errors 3) Ensuring that the completed appraisals are reviewed by the supervisor’s immediate boss and/or the HD dept 1. Unclear standards 2. Rater errors: o Halo effect o Central tendency o Leniency or strictness Unclear standards: o Appraisal bias o The recency effect o Similar- to- me bias - Performance standards may be irrelevant, subjective, or unrealistic - Problems w/ method used to actually appraise performance or problems caused by person who does appraisal; eg. lenient supervisor - Problems may arise during...
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