Brief checklist can be used to identify remove

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Unformatted text preview: rs"“due diligence” ! #specific duties include filing government accident reports, maintaining records, posting safety notices + legislative info III. employee: ! #three basic rights under joint responsibility model: i. right to know about workplace safety hazards ii. right to participate in occupational health + safety process iii. right to refuse unsafe work if they have “reasonable cause” to believe that work is dangerous ! #also have responsibilities which include taking reasonable care to protect own health + safety and, in most cases, that of coworkers What can be done to reduce the incidence of injuries in the workplace? • reducing unsafe conditions: ! safety engineers should design jobs to remove or reduce physical hazards ! brief checklist can be used to identify + remove potential hazards • reducing unsafe acts: ! #screening out accident- prone people or people who are not physically fit for job requirements by using appropriate tests + by asking legally-...
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