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Unformatted text preview: rating scale: BARS: MBO: Critical incident method: Appraisal method Adv: Disadv: The graphic rating scale - Simpletouse - Providesquantitativeratingforeach - Standard Pronetoall employee Accommod BARS - Providesbehavioralanchors&morereliable Moreobjectivethangraphic.. Avoidsconstanterrorandcentraltendency - Tiedtojointlyagreed- uponperf.Objectives Accommodatedperformanceand MBO development purposes Critical incident method - Helppinpointareasforimprovement Stresscriticalaspectsofthejob Coaching is an important element of the performance appraisal system because - Employees can set standards & goals for themselves to better the work environment & the company Purpose of the performance appraisal interview: - supervisor + employee review appraisal and make plans to remedy deficiencies + reinforce strengths - critical element in performance management; how feedback is given to employee can determine whether or not performance will improve or decline - purpose is to see if the following are valid: - Difficultto Needtotail - Timecons Difficulttoc - Difficultto Inadequat ▫ performance is satisfactory; employee is promotable ▫ performance is unsatisfactory; employee is NOT promotable ▫ performance is unsatisfactory, but correctable and take action based on the stated to improve organization...
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