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COMM 392 PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL - Chapter 9 Performance...

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Chapter 9 – Performance Appraisal Why it is important to effectively manage performance and conduct appraisal: Because’performance’appraisals’provide: Information’on’which’to’base’salary’or’promotion’decisions’ An’opportunity’to’review’and’discuss’work -related’behavior’ An’opportunit y’to’facilitate’career’planning’ Appraisers:’ - The’line’manager’usually’does’the’appraisal’and’provides’ feedback’ - HR’provides’policy’making/advisory’and’monitoring’support’ - Can’also’incl’peers,’rating’committees,’employees,’customers’ (or’combination’ins’360 -degree’process)’ The 3 major steps in conducting performance appraisals: 1. Defining’performance’expectations’ ! conduct’job’analysis’to’ determine’characteristics’required’for’successful’performance’ ! to’ensure’that’job’duties’and’stan dards’of’performance’are’ clear’to’all’
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