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women 1920 19th amendment 1920 gave them the federal

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Unformatted text preview: women... 1920 - 19th Amendment 1920 gave them the federal vote gave after 1920, social after circumstances changed too as more women worked outside the home outside and more women went to and college and clamoured to join the professions join women didn't want to women sacrifice wartime gains amounted to a social revolt amounted characterized by the characterized FLAPPER/ "new woman" FLAPPER/ – (bobbed hair, short dresses, (bobbed smoked in public...) smoked A Society in Conflict Society Anti-immigrant – National Origins Act – Discrimination Sacco-Vanzetti Trial – Italian immigrants – Unfair trial for immigrants – the point of origin had shifted to S & E Europe and new religions appeared: Jewish, Orthodox, Cathol...
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