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Religion dayton tennessee john scopes high school

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Unformatted text preview: ience vs. Religion Dayton, Tennessee John Scopes High School Biology teacher Prohibition Volstead Act Prohibition 18 th Ame ndme nt Gangsters Al Capone PROHIBITION - on manuf. PROHIBITION and sale of alcohol and adopted in 1919 - 18th adopted AMENDMENT AMENDMENT an outgrowth of the longtime an temperance movement temperance in WWI, temperance became a in patriotic mvmt. - drunkenness caused low productivity & inefficiency, and alcohol needed to treat the wounded a difficult law to enforce... difficult organized crime, speakeasies, bootleggers were on the rise bootleggers Al Capone virtually controlled Al Chicago in this period capitalism at its zenith… capitalism Prohibition finally ended in Prohibition 1933 w/ the 21st Amendment 21st forced organized crime to forced pursue other interests… pursue...
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