S farmers lost agri markets us in postwar europe in

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Unformatted text preview: U.S. farmers lost agri. markets U.S. in postwar Europe in at same time agri. efficiency at increased so more food produced (more food = lower prices) and fewer labourers needed needed so farming was no longer as so prosperous, and bankers called in their loans (farms repossessed) repossessed) so American farmers enter the so Depression in advance of the rest of society rest Black Americans in Black this period continued to live in poverty to sharecropping kept them in de facto de slavery slavery 1915 - boll weevil 1915 boll wiped out the cotton crop white landowners white went bankrupt & forced blacks off their land land Blacks moved north to take Blacks advantage of booming wartime industry (= Great Migration) - Black Great Black ghettoes began to form, i.e. Ha...
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