Comp2Essay1 - Jeffrey A Goodhart March 2 2007 Tobacco...

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Unformatted text preview: Jeffrey A. Goodhart March 2, 2007 Tobacco Advertising In 1971 the tobacco industry took a hit when Congress passed an Act that banned it from advertising on television or radio. i This left the industry struggling to find a new way to sell its product. It did not take long for that to happen. What anti-tobacco organizations thought was a devastating blow was only a minor setback. Clever tobacco executives discovered new ways to persuade various types of people to try cigarettes or another form of tobacco. One of these ways is by paying influential people in the American spotlight to smoke. Actors are often seen smoking a casual cigarette right before a courageous event or right after a passionate love scene. Even comedic movies contain well-placed smoking, such as the movie “Old School.” Vince Vaughn’s character is attempting to perform The Rings, a gymnastic event involving remarkable balance and upper body strength. When the camera cuts to Vince, it shows him smoking a cigarette during this grueling athletic event. Models are also paid to advertise cigarettes. One will often be seen posing in a breath-taking position with a cigarette clearly visible in his or her hand. This type of advertising is aimed more at younger consumers who are more easily influenced by what other people are doing. The tobacco industry often targets young, potential consumers. Younger people are easier to influence because they often have not made up their minds when it comes to certain issues like smoking. These new, young consumers will bring in more money than elderly consumers because younger people will be around to buy cigarettes longer. This is the sole reason tobacco companies are more interested in them. A tobacco company’s Jeffrey A. GoodhartJeffrey A....
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Comp2Essay1 - Jeffrey A Goodhart March 2 2007 Tobacco...

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