2W04 Assignment 6 -2009 Solutions

10kwh 1350year airconda

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Unformatted text preview: / COPB ) = (120,000 kWh/year)(1/3.2 − 1 / 5.0) = 13,500 kWh/year Cost savings = (Energy savings)( Unit cost of energy) = (13,500 kWh/year)($0.10/kWh) = $1350/year Air Cond. A The installation cost difference between the two air‐conditioners is Air Cond. B Cost difference = Cost of B – cost of A = 7000 – 5500 = $1500 Therefore, the more efficient air‐conditioner B will pay for the $1500 cost differential in this case in about 1 year. Discussion A cost conscious consumer will have no difficulty in deciding that th...
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