2W04 Assignment 6 -2009 Solutions


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Unformatted text preview: ill be equal to the work consumed by the refrigerator. In reality, the work consumed by the refrigerator will always be greater than the additional work produced, resulting in a decrease in the thermal efficiency of the power plant. 5. The rate of cooling provided by a reversible refrigerator with specified reservoir temperatures is to be determined. Assumptions The refrigerator operates steadily. Analysis The COP of this reversible refrigerator is COPR, max TL 250 K = = =5 T H − T L 300 K − 250 K 300 K & QH R & Rearranging the definition of the refrigerator coefficient of performance Q L gives 250 K & & Q L = COPR, max W net,in = (5)(10 kW) = 50...
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