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Unformatted text preview: a client’s data to be transformed into unintelligible data for transmission. Even if this unintelligible data is intercepted, a key is needed to decode the HISTORY OF NETWORK SECURITY message. This method of security is effective to a certain degree. Strong cryptography in the past can Recent interest in security was fueled by the crime be easily broken today. Cryptographic methods committed by Kevin Mitnick. Kevin Mitnick have to continue to advance due to the committed the largest computer‐related crime in U.S. history [3]. The losses were eighty million advancement of the hackers as well. dollars in U.S. intellectual property and source code When transferring ciphertext over a network, it is from a variety of companies [3]. Since then, helpful to have a secure network. This will allow for information security came into the spotlight. the ciphertext to be protected, so that it is less likely for many people to even attempt to break Public networks are being relied upon to deliver the code. A secure network will also prevent financial and personal information. Due to the someone from inserting unauthorized messages evolution of information that is made available into the network. Therefore, hard ciphers are through the internet, information security is also required to evolve. Due to Kevin Mitnick’s offense, needed as well as attack‐hard networks [2]. companies are emphasizing security for the intellectual property. Internet has been a driving force for data security improvement. Internet protocols in the past were not developed to secure themselves. Within the TCP/IP communication stack, security protocols are not implemented. This leaves the internet open to attacks. Modern developments in the internet architecture have made communication more secure. Figure 1: Based on the OSI model, data security and network security have a different security function [2]. 3 1. Brief History of Internet 2. Security Timeline Several key events contributed to the birth and evolution of computer and network security. The timeline can be started as far back as the 1930s. Polish cryptographers created an enigma machine in 1918 that converted plain messages to encrypted text. In 1930, Alan Turing, a brilliant mathematician broke the code for the Enigma. Securing communications was essential in World War II. In the 1960s, the term “hacker” is coined by a couple of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) students. The Department of Defense began the ARPANet, which gains popularity as a conduit for the electronic exchange of data and information [3]. This paves the way for the creation of the carrier network known today as the Internet. During the 1970s, the Telnet protocol was developed. This opened the door for public use of data networks that were originally restricted to government contractors and academic researchers [3]. During the 1980s, the hackers and crimes relating to computers were beginning to emerge. The 414 gang are raided by authorities after a nine‐day cracking spree where they break into top‐secret systems. The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act of 1986 was created because of Ian Murphy’s crime of stealing information from military computers. A graduate student, Robert Morris, was convicted for unleashing the Morris Worm to over 6,000 vulnerable computers connected to the Internet. Based on concerns that the Morris Worm ordeal could be replicated, the Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) was created to alert computer users of network security issues. In the 1990s, Internet became public and the security concerns increased tremendously. Approximately 950 million people use the internet today worldwide [3]. On any day, there are approximately 225 major incidences of a security The birth of the interne takes place in 1969 when Advanced Research Projects Agency Network (ARPANet) is commissioned by the department of defen...
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