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flgs is a set of 4 flags 0rpt the

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Unformatted text preview: ity (IANA). T = 1 indicates a non-permanently-assigned ("transient" or "dynamically" assigned) multicast address. Hinden [Page 13] Standards Track RFC 4291 February 2006 IPv6 Addressing Architecture The P flag's definition and usage can be found in [RFC3306]. The R flag's definition and usage can be found in [RFC3956]. scop is a 4-bit multicast scope value used to limit the scope of the multicast group. The values are as follows: 0 reserved 1 Interface-Local scope 2 Link-Local scope 3 reserved 4 Admin-Local scope 5 Site-Local scope 6 (unassigned) 7 (unassigned) 8 Organization-Local scope 9 (unassigned) A (unassigned) B (unassigned) C (unassigned) D (unassigned) E Global scope F reserved Interface-Local scope spans only a single interface on a node and is useful only for loopback transmission of multicast. Link-Local multicast scope spans the same topological region as the corresponding unicast scope. Admin-Local scope is the smallest scope that must be administratively configured, i.e., not automatically derived from physical connectivity or other, non-multicastrelated conf...
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