IP Version 6 Addressing Architecture

5 000096 was previously defined as the ipv4compatible

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Unformatted text preview: att Crawford, Deborah Estrin, Roger Fajman, Bob Fink, Peter Ford, Bob Gilligan, Dimitry Haskin, Tom Harsch, Christian Huitema, Tony Li, Greg Minshall, Thomas Narten, Erik Nordmark, Yakov Rekhter, Bill Simpson, Sue Thomson, Markku Savela, Larry Masinter, Jun-ichiro Itojun Hagino, Tatuya Jinmei, Suresh Krishnan, and Mahmood Ali. 6. References 6.1. Normative References [IPV6] Version 6 Deering, S. and R. Hinden, "Internet Protocol, (IPv6) Specification", RFC 2460, December 1998. 6.2. Informative References [AUTH] Kent, S. and R. Atkinson, "IP Authentication Header", RFC 2402, November 1998. Hinden [Page 18] Standards Track RFC 4291 February 2006 IPv6 Addressing Architecture [CIDR] "Classless Fuller, V., Li, T., Yu, J., and K. Varadhan, Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR): an Address Assignment and Aggregation Strategy", RFC 1519, September 1993. [ETHER] Ethernet Crawford, M., "Transmission of IPv6 Packets over Networks", RFC 2464, December 1998. [EUI64] (EUI-64) IEEE, "Guidelines for 64-bit Global Identifier Registration Authority", http://standards.ieee.org/r...
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