IP Version 6 Addressing Architecture

In that case the anycast address must be maintained

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Unformatted text preview: supported. anycast Therefore, it is expected that support for global sets may be unavailable or very restricted. One expected use of anycast addresses is to identify the set of routers belonging to an organization providing Internet service. Such addresses could be used as intermediate addresses in an IPv6 Routing header, to cause a packet to be delivered via a particular service provider or sequence of service providers. Some other possible uses are to identify the set of routers attached to a particular subnet, or the set of routers providing entry into a particular routing domain. 2.6.1. Required Anycast Address The Subnet-Router anycast address is predefined. is as Its format follows: Hinden [Page 12] Standards Track RFC 4291 February 2006 IPv6 Addressing Architecture | bits n bits | | 128-n +-----------------------------------------------+----------------+ | 00000000000000 | subnet prefix | +-----------------------------------------------+----------------+ The "subnet prefix" in an anycast address is the prefix that identifies a specific link. syntactically This anycast address is the same as a unicast address for an interface on the link with the interface identifier set to zero. Packets sent to the Subnet-Router anycast address will be delivered to one rout...
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